HVACSE as a holistic building technology

Planning professionally means planning sustainably

Heating, cooling, ventilation, plumbing, electrical engineering

In a well thought-out building technology, heating, cooling, ventilation, sanitary and electrical engineering are bundled into a meaningful whole, in which synergies can be used in such a way that they are still valid in relation to the demanding climate protection laws. We have an experienced eye for possible reserves and innovative usage ideas to connect the different trades in an optimal overall system.

Energy efficiency

The major topic of energy efficiency in building technology and process engineering includes minimizing the useful energy requirement, improving system efficiency, energy recovery, environmental energy use and the substitution of energy sources.

Building automation

Each solution is as individual as the building itself. Energy-efficient automation across all trades is just as important for new buildings as it is for existing operations. Modern building technology stands for particularly conscious economic efficiency, high flexibility in adaptation and the combination of all individual components such as lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning in a sustainable overall system.


HVAC SE analogue and digital



Sophisticated measuring and control technology controls all central units such as ventilation systems, refrigeration, heating systems and distribution centers.


For the heating system, we bundle all possible energy sources, including existing heat sources in or near the building, such as residual energy from machines.


Needs-based ventilation systems with heat recovery controlled by modern sensor technology are part of the innovative building technology system.

Air Conditioning

When generating cold, we try to include natural cold sources such as groundwater.


In the sanitary area, we are planning a hygienically perfect hot water treatment and sensible separation of process water and service water.

Electrical engineering


At e + c, the holistic and sustainable consideration of energy flows in a building focuses on avoiding unnecessary consumption.

The major topic of energy efficiency includes minimizing the useful energy requirement, improving system efficiency, energy recovery, environmental energy use and the substitution of energy sources.

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Our electrical engineering spectrum includes:

  • Power generation and distribution systems
  • Medium voltage systems
  • Low-voltage installations
  • Backup and UPS systems
  • Earthing and lightning protection systems
  • Electrical installation technology
  • Security and signaling technology
  • Message, information and communication systems
  • Media, presentation and conference technology
  • Audiovisual, stage and event technology
  • Security technology, fire alarm systems
  • EDP network technology, fiber optic technology
  • Renewable energy supply systems (hydro, PV, wind)
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Battery storage technology
  • Management and control technology
  • Energy management systems

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