We are specialists in intelligent process technology and energy-efficient building technology

We plan for the high-tech industry

Intelligent solutions are created where process and building technology are coordinated. This is our strength. We are a small, flexible team with a lot of international experience in both areas.
This offers a decisive advantage: we have everything in view. And think in future requirements of the climate protection laws.


e + c engineering & consulting offers consulting and planning services from preparation to implementation.

We are successful where special knowledge is required and unconventional solutions are sought.

Elmar A. Wimmer

Construction sites are our passion

Our customers come from the semiconductor industry, from PV cell production, from CPU circuit board technology or other high-tech industries.

Our great strengths?

We are generalists who know where interfaces come together. Between process, process and building technology, between customer and project partner. Here we are able to offer intelligent solutions.

We have international experience and are well-versed in troubleshooting.

We are small enough to remain flexible and networked to move larger volumes.

After 30 years of experience, we are still curious about innovative technologies and committed to the future: water recycling, energy management, resource conservation, to name just a few keywords.

We are pleased to meet you,

Elmar A. Wimmer, CEO


Individual overall solutions

Process and process engineering: ultrapure water, waste water, exhaust air, bulk and special gases, chemical supply and disposal, clean room, life safety


Electrical engineering, HVAC, building automation, blackout prevention, photovoltaics

Energy-efficient automation across all trades is just as important for new buildings as it is for existing businesses. Modern industrial infrastructure, such as we plan for semiconductor or photovoltaic cell production, stands for particularly conscious economic efficiency, high flexibility in adaptation and the combination of all individual components.

We place the same demands on modern building technology: lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning in a sustainable overall system.


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