Electrical Engineering

Our design and planning is based on a holistic and sustainable approach on energy and information streams in a building / factory  to minimize unnecessary energy consumption and improve plant efficiency.

Thanks to intelligent planning, exact coordination and precise customisation according to the ambient conditions, we achieve optimal consumption levels and operating costs for our customer.

Energy Efficency

There are a lot of inteligent systems designed to reduce your costs permanently. Early planning can achieve optimal results with a lasting effect. The implanation of renewable energies such as photovoltaic systems can help to save operational costs and mark your image with a clear focus on enviromental responsibility. With a lot of experience in combining best and innovative technologies e + c engineering & consulting is the perfect partner in all belongings of electrical engineering.

Our performing maintenance and service groups:

  • Energy Production and Distribution
  • High and Medium Tension Plants
  • Low Tension Plants
  • Earthing and Lightning Protection
  • Installation Systems
  • Distribution Board
  • Life Safety Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Electronic Data Processing
  • Audio Visual Systems
  • Media and Presentation Systems
  • Cogeneration of Heat and Power
  • UPS and Emergency Power Supply
  • Renewable Energy Plants (Hydro, Wind, etc.)
  • Photovoltaic Plants